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"I have been with Paramount Behavioral Services since 2015. I would still be a shut-in if not for DLSS staff. I went from not being able to leave my bedroom without having an anxiety attack to being able to go out more. The overall support has been amazing, not just with DLSS or my CIW, but with the entire company. When we lost a family member, the whole company was there for us."

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A Community Integration Worker at Paramount Behavioral Services: " I have been working at Paramount since 2016 and have worked my way from DLSS, to DLSS Field Supervisor, to MHRT/C. I would not have been able to accomplish this without the complete support that I have at Paramount. The owners, Rebecca and Ben, truly care about the consumers they provide services to as well as the employees. The amount of support and guidance I have received while working for Paramount is unmatched in my opinion. Everyone works as a team to provide the best support possible to the most vulnerable of our communities. The work that we all do at Paramount can be difficult and trying at times, and during these times, I know that I can talk to any one of our team members and get the support I need. We all celebrate the successes of the people we serve as a team as well. Paramount Behavioral Services stands above and beyond as that is what we strive for every day with our consumers as well as with each other."

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