Acquire Life Skills to Achieve Independence

Acquire Life Skills to Achieve Independence

Learn more about behavioral skills development in Waterville, ME and surrounding areas

Paramount Behavioral Services offers Daily Living Support Services (DLSS), designed to provide therapeutic assistance to adults living with behavioral health challenges. We aim to help you acquire, develop and maintain behavioral skills that are essential to living independently in your Waterville, ME community.

We encourage our clients to take care of themselves so they can grow to be confident and independent. Staff members will work one-on-one with you to foster and encourage your personal growth. Our behavioral help home services include:

  • Hygiene and medication reminders
  • Appointment assistance
  • Cooking assistance
  • Housekeeping assistance
  • Grocery shopping assistance
  • Community activities support
Your assistant can come to your home every day or just four hours a week, depending on your needs. Your team consists of a direct staff member, a case manager, a counselor and your family members. Call now to sign up for behavioral health services.

Develop an individualized care plan

Paramount Behavioral Services sets up individualized care plans. During an introductory meeting, we’ll outline your goals and develop an initial care plan. Contact us today if you’re interested in participating in the DLSS program in Waterville, ME and serving surrounding areas.